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Diesel fuel equipment

spare parts & repairs

Delphi, VDO, Bosch, Denso - sprauslas, smidzinātāji, degvielas sūkņi - Distehnika

SIA "Distehnika"- Authorized Diesel Center

The company was founded in 1992 and its main specialization is diesel engine fuel systems for cars and trucks.

The Company’s main field of activity is fuel equipment for automobile diesel and petrol engines.
In 1994, significant progress at work quality and assortment had been made by the Company. It took place due to a cooperation agreement with German DTP MOTORTEILE GMBH Company, which has had worldwide longstanding working experience in the field. Presently our assortment range consists of more than 20 manufacturer brands in accordance with modern market quality requirements and price level. So the spare parts from original and alternative manufacturers are available.

The next quality improvement step in our work began in 2004 due to cooperation with Italian NOVA DITEX Company – a manufacturer of equipment for testing and repairing new generation diesel systems. As a result we started offering repair works of the units mentioned above and special equipment for performing such works. The training on this equipment is also offered by technical education center of our Company.
Our workshop also has been authorized by original manufacturers of diesel fuel equipment as DELPHI and VDO.

The full service complex for auto fuel systems had been in demand not only for diesel, but also for petrol engines. Taking into account that fact, and also an increasing demand for a quality service, our company, since the beginning of 2011, has been engaged in testing and repair of petrol injectors based on the equipment complex designed by ASNU Company (Great Britain), the world leader in the field.

Most of our staff is highly proficient. We have been always ready for support in solving any of your professional problems. We are always open for any proposals in order to improve our work.

SIA "Distehnika" offers

Degvielas sistēmas remonts - Distehnika

Fuel equipment for diesel trucks and cars

Benzīna dzinēja sprauslu remonts un serviss - Distehnika

Petrol injectors – testing and repair

Degvielas sistēmas rezerves daļas - Distehnika

New spare parts and repair works

Dīzeļcentra iekārtas - sprauslu, smidzinātāju un degvielas sūkņu remontam - Distehnika

Equipment; Special tools


Training of staff and information support

Personāla apmācība dižeļmotora degvielas sitēmas remontā - Distehnika

Wholesale (export-import) and retail, repair works

SIA "Distehnika" Services


Diagnosis and repair of all types Common Rail injectors and pumps. New code is generated for the coded injectors.

 Diagnosis and repair of all types Unit Injectors and PLD pumps for trucks.

ASNU. Diagnosis, ultra-sonic cleaning and a complete service of all types petrol injectors. ASNU tehnology & equipment.

   Workshops staff training.


С4 Bosch + pump for all high pressure common rail diesel engines up to 7 liters - Bosch, Denso, Deplhi, VDO / Siemens.

Inspection and repair on the new stand GEA (Nova Ditex Italy).

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