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Glow plugs

     Unlike gasoline engines that use flame retardants, . The air in the combustion chamber must be heated to at least 850 ° C for the diesel engine to run. Cold weather can cause problems starting the car's engine, as the engine's cylinder block and cylinder head absorb heat, which also prevents ignition. A glow candle comes to the rescue.

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Glow plugs not only make it easier to start the diesel engine, but also improve its overall performance. For example, the amount of exhaust gas produced from unburned fuel is reduced.

Glow plug change

Each product offered by the manufacturer has its own service life, depending on the materials and technical solutions used. Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair them, so damaged or worn glow plugs must be replaced with new ones . As they are connected in parallel, it is important to change the whole set of candles at the same time! Replacing one will not last as long as the new glow plug has more resistance.

The following factors are likely to indicate that it is time to change:

  • It is not possible to start the car in cold weather;
  • The car is only started after prolonged operation (prolonged operation may cause the engine oil to mix with fuel, which may adversely affect engine performance and life);
  • Engine malfunction after a cold start (with apparent intermediate strokes);
  • One or more cylinders do not run on the diesel engine.
  • Increased emissions after starting the car;
  • Increased fuel consumption.

Modern glow plugs

Bosch, HKT, DTP and other manufacturers are constantly working to create a new generation of glow plugs so that the diesel engine is ready to go in no time when turning the key. For the most modern candles, the warm-up time currently ranges from just two to four seconds. Several modern glow plug models are also designed for installation on older diesel engines, thus improving their starting conditions.

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