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SIA "Distehnika" services

     All types of inspection and repair of common rail nozzles and pumps. For nozzles with code - new code generation.

     Test and repair of truck pump-nozzle systems. For nozzles with code - new code generation.

     ASNU. Washing and repair of all types of petrol nozzles according to ASNU technology on the stand.

     Training of service personnel for the repair and refueling of the latest generation of petrol and diesel

Order online - nozzles, injectors, fuel pumps

Go to our online store place an order / reservation and we will contact you,
to offer a price and negotiate delivery terms.
We have injectors, nozzles and fuel pumps from various manufacturers - Bosch, DTP, Firad, Denso Delphi and others.
All the most popular and demanded models are available in stock and others are available to order - delivery time up to one week.

Tools and spare parts

  • Fuel hoses and pipes ->
  • Adjusting washers ->
  • Flame retardant and sealing washers ->
  • Technical fluids ->
  • Special tools ->
  • Equipment ->
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